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Firstly, let’s explain what’s a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa, also known as a fiance visa, lets a bride or a groom come to the USA for marrying a United States citizen within 90 days of arrival.

Then, the freshly ringed wife can apply for a “green card”. However, the U.S. citizen is the one who’s sponsoring the visa and everything after.

The key points for obtaining a bride visa to the USA

There are a couple of important requirements for obtaining a bride visa to the USA.

Step #1: Filing the I-129F form

You, a sponsor of the visa and a citizen of the United States, should file the I-129F form with the USCIS office near your living area. It’ll cost you 535 USD. There’s a documents list you need to attach to the form for your bride to get a visa to the USA:

  1. Your passport copy.
  2. Your fiance’s passport copy.
  3. Evidence that your relationship is real (photos together, letters to each other, etc.)
  4. Proof that you two have met each other two years before filing the documents.
  5. Photos for a passport, 1 of you and 1 of your lady.

Step #2: Filing the DS-160 form

Within 30 days after the I-129F form is accepted, your bride will receive a notice from the embassy of the U.S. in her country, with the information for the interview inside.

To get a bride or a groom visa in the USA you must file the DS-160 form. It’s crucial to print the page of confirmation once the bride submitted the form online. There are some documents she will need for the interview, the list of which you can find on the official USCIS website.

Bride visa interview

The interview will take place in the USA embassy in your bride’s country. The visa price is 265 USD and can be paid during the interview. Once it’s over, the officer holding the interview will decide on your case in about 2 days after.

Step #3: coming to the U.S. and your awaited marriage

Once your K-1 visa is approved, your bride should come to the USA in the first 4 months after the I-129F form was accepted. You should get married within 90 days after a bride’s arrival to the US, or the K1 visa will lose its status.


You’ve done a lot of things to find a foreign bride and conquer her heart. Now there’s only one obstacle left to overcome: marrying your bride in your country. The process of getting a bride or groom visa in the USA isn’t that hard, check out the official USCIS website for detailed information and form applications. Your happiness is just around the corner, so keep your spirit up!