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You can browse the internet to find out about mail brides as much as you want, but nothing will portray the real-life experience with them as good as films do. So, here are a few awesome mail bride films for you to enjoy.

The most popular movies about mail order brides

The following 4 positions are the best ones from the list of top 10 films about mail order brides.

1. A Birthday Girl (2000)

John’s tired of searching for the right woman in his city, so he decides to try the infamous mail order bride service and begins a thrilling love journey with Nadia, a gorgeous Russian bride.

His new relationship seems perfect at first: although Nadia doesn’t know any English, her sexual boldness is enough to make up for the lack of communication. The movie then takes some mysterious turns that unravel the society of crime and danger.

2. Mail Order Bride (2008)

Since 12 years old, Diana has been doing the dirty job for a businessman Tom Rourke. Scamming people is all her life has been about. One day Diana decides to change her life and escape from her terrible job.

To leave her awful boss, she pretends to be her dying best friend, which was supposed to be a mail order bride for a gentleman named Beau Canfield. The story is based in the Wild West and is intriguing till the end.

3. Two Brother & A Bride (2004)

Two brothers are looking for one wife: it’s more convenient. Jake and Josh are a bit lonely and want to find an old-fashioned woman that wouldn’t mind a threesome from time to time. To fulfill their requirements, brothers decide to take a “romance tour” to Russia.

Josh and Jake are tuned to start their matchmaking trip to St. Petersburg. It’s a nice comedy film that’s worth checking out with friends or your family.

4. Russian Doll (2001)

It all starts really simple: Harvey is a private detective who’s investigating people’s spouses to check if they’re being faithful. One day, he discovers one of the client’s spouse is cheating on her with a university student, who happens to be Harvey’s fiancee.

A tangled love story of Harvey, his best friend, and a Russian-Jewish mail order wifes service that’s definitely recommended to watch.

More from top 10 films about mail order brides:

Top 10 films about mail order brides include various genres and some of them are truly niche pieces of art. They’re:

  • ”The Civilization of Maxwell Bright” (2005)
  • ”I Was a Mail Order Bride” (1982)
  • ”The Outsider” (1994)
  • ”Mail Order Wife” (2004)
  • ”Picture Bride” (1995)
  • ”Zandy’s Bride” (1974)

To sum it up

There are plenty of films about the mail bride industry, and now you have the best ones to check out! Grab some popcorn or pizza and enjoy the evening!