Claude Boyer

Claude Boyer

Claude Boyer is the one who creates and manages content that you see on this website, and we’d like to tell our visitors more about his qualifications and experience in the niche of online dating.
Education & Experience:
5 years as a senior copywriter
2 years of experience as a content manager
Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University
Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content course in University of Pennsylvania
Claude Boyer is a New Yorker who started his career at college. He wrote essays on one of the niche platforms and decided that, well, he can make this his main occupation. He took the marketing courses and started to create texts that sell to his numerous customers. As he now says, he loved the way he earned money—he had no schedule, and the only significant drawback is that he had to learn a lot about a particular business every time he met a new customer. Basically, this is how we met—Claude decided that he needed a full-time job, and he found it.
He was our perfect candidate because he knew the core strategies to acquire more visitors and also knew how to create readable, interesting, and SEO-optimized content that would work equally well for our site visitors and our search engines. Now he says that he had to find this job faster. Why? Because international dating is actually one of the most interesting businesses, and cross-cultural dating is one of the most interesting topics to explore. By the way, Claude is single so he doesn’t mind testing the platforms we analyze in a bit more detail, and that’s great for him, as well as for us—due to our author, we always know which dating sites are worth or not worth using.

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