Best Rated International Dating Sites To Find Single Singles online 2021


A large number of men across the world are registering on dating sites to find a girlfriend or a future wife every day. Although online dating sites offer an astounding profile base, they also unwillingly create a software where men can be scammed.

Are all mail order brides a scam?

When you’re doing something as intimate as chatting with a woman you fancy, you don’t expect this dazzling lady to be a bearded man talking to you behind the screen. But it happens! Luckily, there are numerous ways to prevent getting fooled by mail order bride scams.

Don’t subscribe to expensive or completely free dating sites

Gentlemen across the globe believe the higher the subscription cost is, the better features, services, and women are on that site. Others think free dating sites are just as safe as paid ones. Well, the truth about mail order brides is that neither of these variants are right.

You should never overpay for the services mail order bride website has! Price doesn’t always equal quality and security, so be on the lookout for really pricy sites. On the other hand, don’t ever register on completely free websites! If it’s free, then scammers can easily create hundreds of fake profile and try to suck the money out of you once you start chatting.

Don’t give private information to anyone

Although it might look safe, some free and overpriced dating sites may leak your credit card info or something personal about you. Instead of writing your full name, simply use your first name and initials!

Until you’re sure that the website is legit, don’t put any sensitive info about yourself on your account. This way, it’ll be hard for scammers to discover your real identity and use it against you!

Check a woman’s profile accurately

Another important tip on finding out if your mail order bride is a scam is checking her profile diligently! Start from her photos: simply Google them. If the search shows up they were used by many people around the world, it’s definitely a scam.

If her pics don’t show up on the search, look up her name. A woman can have numerous accounts on different dating sites, so check carefully to see if it’s a scam or a single lady. In addition to that, you can ask her to send a photo of herself holding a certain object like an orange bottle or a pink scarf. If she does send you the picture, you can be sure she’s real! If not, drop her ASAP.

Conclusion on mail order bride scam prevention tips

It’s pretty easy to avoid mail order bride scams if you follow simple rules and keep your eyes peeled while choosing a mail order bride website! Be careful with putting sensitive private info in your profile, don’t register on free or overpriced websites, and check ladies’ profiles diligently. You’re responsible for your own safety.